ACCESS@KIT - Accessibility Lab

Assistive technologies for people with visual impairment are very expensive and need a long lead time to be developed. Moreover, most of the laboratory and working environments in the STEM fields are not accessible. Many new technologies of applied research, however, could facilitate the daily life of handicapped people.

The ACCESS@KIT aims at interlinking research, teaching and support at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in the Accessibility Lab. We develop and test innovative accessibility concepts for persons with visual impairment.


We offer within the Accessibility Lab:

  • Research in the Field of Assistive Technologies
    The ACCESS@KIT is carrying out research on novel approaches to assistive technologies and new ways to information technology. For instance, the ACCESS@KIT investigates and develops web-based methods to semi or fully automated transfer of literature and tactile printing.
  • Testing and Adapting of new Technical Devices
    There are spacial and economic resources to test new technical devices within our lab. Smartwatches or tablets, for example, can be adapted to the needs of people with visual impairment. We also give manufacturers of assistive technologies an opportunity to present their new products.

Accessible Laboratory and Working Environments


We can set up or simulate the equipment of laboratory or working environment for our students with visual impairment and adapt the environment to their individual needs.


Laboratory for Tactile and 3D Printing


At our printing lab, we develop together with our students and the teaching staff of the KIT tactile and 3 dimensional teaching material to support our students with visual impairment. There are 3D printers with various printing technologies, printing volume and materials as well as several tactile embossers which can print up to A3 double-sided.


Test platform for Research and Development


The Accessibility Lab is a place where researchers and developers can share their ideas about IT-based assistive technologies with potential users and experienced ACCESS@KIT staff.


Knowledge Sharing by Training


We want to share our expertise with external educational institutions that support people with visual impairment by offering workshops and training courses. Key topics include procedures to make documents and graphics accessible or how to use current and new assistive technologies.


We will regularly share our experiences on our website as well. 


ACCESS@KIT offers within the Accessibility Lab:

  • Infrastructure to develop new solutions for students with visual impairment
  • Possibility to test innovative IT-based assistive technologies and to give advice how to integrate accessibility features
  • Platforms for companies and research institutes to cooperate and present innovative assistive technologies
  • Training courses on how to create accessible teaching material for staff of educational institutions




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