IDOL - Inclusion of Disabled in Open Labour Market

IDOL is an EU programme involving project partners from Poland, Bulgaria, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria and Germany. The project focuses on the needs and requirements of blind people and people with mobility limitations who are about to complete their studies or have already graduated and have to prepare themselves for professional life.

The individual aspects are:

  • Developement of an IT Training Programme for blind persons in the "new technologies" field with focus on the labour market.
  • Developement of a psychological training programme for handicapped people which focuses on the target group's special needs and "weaknesses".
  • Developement of a psychological training programme for the parents of handicapped persons.
  • Material describing the training of "service dogs", enabling trainers to train dogs to meet the special needs of people with physical impairments.
    Short film of Silesian Kynologic Centre, Prestor, Poland (2004): service dogs.

The objective of IDOL is to increase the number of blind persons and people with mobility limitations on the job market and also to secure the jobs of people with disabilities and promote their reintegration. The information and explanation material produced during the course of the project is to be passed on to the students and graduates involved, their families and future employees.